Happy World Pharmacist Day from your Neighborhood Pharmacy!

We at Leleshwa Pharmacy appreciate all our customers and are grateful for your custom.

Did you know that our roles go deeper than just dispensing your drugs? We are committed to getting you safe, quality medicines and counselling you on their use to bring the desired outcome.

The pharmacist is the final point of contact with the patient in any healthcare setup and we are therefore tasked with ensuring that all the medical interventions conducted on the patient throughout the healthcare pipeline translate into positive clinical outcomes. This is a duty that we at Leleshwa take up with pride.

Today, we celebrate pharmacists as we remind ourselves of our duty to the community.  Putting patients at the heart of everything that we do.

Did you know?

The major areas of specialization for pharmacists are:

  • Hospital pharmacy
  • Community pharmacy
  • Industrial pharmacy
  • Research pharmacy
  • Pharmacists in academia


What does Leleshwa offer?

Leleshwa Pharmacy is fully run by a team of community pharmacists who are well trained to serve you best.

Here are a few things we can do for you:

  • Medication counselling.
  • Screening for medication contraindications.
  • Checking for possible drug interactions in prescribed medication.
  • Medication therapy follow-ups and refill reminders.
  • Identifying a case of adverse drug reactions or drug side effect.
  • Conducting tests such as blood glucose tests, measuring blood pressure amongst other tests.

Drop in and see one of our Pharmacists for your pharmacy needs.

Admin Note:
This blog host site has its defaults fixed to the administrator as author however our blog this month was originally written for us by:
Dr Victoria Kamau and Dr Esther Gitonga
Our gratitude and thanks from the Leleshwa Team.

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